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your post-shooting process

Tap into the Snapify experience and discover our AI-powered features 

Automated culling

Save hours of screening work with an
automated culling that works for you.

AI studio editing

Unleash your creativity with our amazing
editing and filtering tools powered by AI

Personalized guest app

Enhance every event experience with
personalized photo galleries

Light speed upload & backup

Effortlessly back-up and access your photos 

Check out our FAQ

Yes! We support all uploading of raw format pictures
They are stored. The filtered pictures are not deleted; they are moved to a different folder and can be restored at any time. This solution allows the photographer to decide which pictures should be filtered and which should be delivered.
It’s tricky… Closed eyes are a tricky element to filter out, as they can sometimes indicate emotions, especially during a kiss. For these reasons, we believe that excluding closed eyes from the dataset is not advisable at the moment. We are continuously working to enhance this feature to achieve the best possible results
Our culling process is based on Machine Learning, capable of identifying both blurred and duplicate pictures. Blurred images are automatically sorted into a separate folder, while duplicate pictures are grouped together for the photographer’s convenience, making it easier to select the correct one. Additionally, photographers can adjust the sensitivity of the culling feature, choosing from light to strict culling options.
No. Since we aim to reduce the delivery time and offer high-quality editing photos using some of the best presets, we have chosen not to integrate with Lightroom fully, but we do enable uploading and using your favorite Lightroom presets on our platform.
Yes! At the moment, we provide our own filters for photographers as the best and quickest solution. You can also create your own filter or use your own presets by uploading them to our platform and applying them to your photos.
Of course! Sharing with your clients and their guests is super easy through the SHARE option in the gallery.