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We are Snapify

We invite you to dive into the Snapify story, read about our mission, and get to know our team. Ready? Let’s start!

Our story

Snapify was founded out of both love and frustration from the founders’ own experience.

“The day after our 20-year vow renewal ceremony, we called the photographer to ask when we would be receiving the album… He told us it’d be at least a month! We couldn’t believe it”.

That’s where the idea to create Snapify originated.

In the era of AI, where people expect to get everything INSTANTLY, it seems unbelievable that photography is left behind. We realized there’s a real need to redefine the post-photo shooting experience for photographers to make it faster, more secure, and effortless both for the photographers and also for attendees and clients, who can now receive their photos 90% faster than they would have before.

Our mission

For us, “accelerating happy moments” is more than just a slogan. We truly believe life should be celebrated, and meaningful moments should be enjoyed

That’s why we’ve made it our life’s mission to improve both photographers’ post-photo shooting experience, allowing them to catch, celebrate, and enjoy their happy moments in zero time. Instead of the usual tedious editing process, photographers can now deliver beautiful photo galleries to their clients in real-time.

Snapify’s trusted advisors

Our trusted board of advisors help guide Snapify through it’s growth 

Simon Jones

Air Invest Inc

Simon Jones

Air Invest Inc

Simon Jones

Air Invest Inc

Snapify’s management team 

We are Snapify. Together we shaping the future of photography 

Yair Hazout

Product & Design

Meirav German

VP Marketing

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