with the power of AI, automatically
backs up, filters, and edits as you shoot

You take your shots.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Guests can even get
the photos they’re in.
As you shoot them.

They upload a selfie to
the Snapify app

Our AI picks them out in
real-time as you shoot

They get the photos they
in on the spot

There’s never been a
better time for real time.

Gorgeous photos.
AI-editing with your personal

style and favorite presets.

No more heavy lifting.
Snapify will do it for you,
all in real time.

No more waiting.

Event galleries good to go

before anyone gets home.

Event photographers agree

Get started today


Snapify real-time
streaming device for 1 year**

2,000 photos

10 personalized AI presets

Unlimited downloads real-time
guest photo app

24/7 support

1TB storage

1-year asset availability

* $0.05 for each additional photo
** $100/month after the first year,
    available to ship at end of March,2024

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